Terms & Conditions

1.0. "We", "US",  refer to Naira4PM.com and "YOU", "USER", "CLIENT", "CUSTOMER", "MERCHANT" refers to anyone or entity using the services of Naira4PM.com offered through its official website www.Naira4pm.com

 1.1. We are not a financial institution and we are not a subsidiary of PERFECT MONEY or BITCOIN or NETELLER but an independent partner and accredited exchanger.

 1.2. We offer our services to ONLY eligible Naira4pm users and by users we mean all persons who have completed the Naira4pm registration form as offered via the naira4pm.com Sign up page.

 1.3. For obvious security reasons, we do not accept or make cash payments in our office. All transactions are made through our bank account listed on the account funding page which is only visible to Naira4pm users who are signed on to the site.

 1.4. You are responsible for supplying your correct e-currency account number. In the event that your fund is sent to a wrong account because you supplied a wrong account number, we shall not be liable for any loss you may incur.

1.5. You will not use our services for money laundering or fraudulent activities.

1.6. We shall keep records of all transactions and we shall make them available to relevant authorities when necessary.

1.7. We respect your privacy as our client and we shall not share your personal information with anybody.

1.8. All transactions are concluded within 24 hours. If there is further delay in your account funding or withdrawal, you can get in touch with our support department. Our contact information has been made available through Naira4pm's contact page.

1.9. In case you are to exchange your e-currency, we shall pay the equivalent net amount to your bank account with some charges. The reduction in the equivalent net amount is due to the receiving fee the payment processor may charge us for receiving such payment on your behalf. Naira4pm shall not be responsible for the receiving fee for all your sell or withdrawal transactions.

2.0.  Our services are available for ONLY individuals who are eighteen (18) years and above. Therefore, ensure that you are eighteen (18) years and above before registering on our website.

2.1. E-currency funding is final. You can not request a refund of your money once your e-currency account has been funded.

2.2. Bank Account funding is final. You can not request a refund of your e-currency once your Bank account has been funded otherwise you will need to place a buy order to the company again.

2.3. We reserve the right to change the price of any of our products by posting the information on our website. Note that a mail may not be sent to a customer for any changes in the price. You are to check the site for any changes before carrying out your transaction.

2.4. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

2.5. . In the event that your withdrawal was suspended, returned and/or cancelled by the payment processor for any reason. You are bound to make a full refund of any cash received from us.

2.6. Buying of e-currency amount less but not more than $500.00 can be carried out without any form of verification unless in a situation where the Company suspects that payment source is questionable. However, all deposit above $500.00 can ONLY be processed if the user has promptly verified his/her Naira4pm account.

2.7. All Sell or withdrawal transactions can be carried out with or without verification of your Naira4pm account.

 2.8. By continuing to use this site and hence Naira4pm services, you agree to abide by the above stated terms of use and also respect her policies.